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The new CD BREAK ME OPEN is now available. In an effort to get the message out I have not set a price on this CD. Instead I am asking for an offering. Whatever the Lord places on your heart to give for this CD is what I will take. If you feel that this CD has blessed you I ask that you spread it out to your friends via email or facebook or whatever social media you use. Thank You!

This CD is me opening up about some very intimate aspects of my relationship with God. From the very tender moments when my heart was in need of healing to my every day pondering.


About Me

Marjorie Whitley –

American Singer/Songwriter with an Alternative Christian Folk Rock twist

I’m a Singer – Songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. My cafe style of singing and writing came to life only a few years ago even though I have been singing and writing songs for many years. I’ve gone through many fazes and winding roads to get to where I am now.

I’m not just a singer and songwriter. I’m also a charismatic christian and I have been operating in the gift of prophesy for the last 20 years. I see wonderful visions of heaven and for years I have longed to be able to put those visions into words. Not easy. So now after 20 years Jesus has decided to open my ears to hear songs straight from heaven. I’m still working on those and hope to share them soon.

In the meantime I have CD’s full of songs about my relationship with God and others …

I spent a few years thinking that I wanted to do musical theatre and acting or play in a really great rock band. I never saw myself going out on my own as a solo artist. I also never saw myself writing and playing “christian” music. DSC_0011_2I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth over what kind of artist I am. Always wondering what kind of genre does my music fit into? It’s a question the world always asks you to answer and a box they want to put you in.

 I’ve decided to break out of the box …

How can you put God into a box anyway?




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