About Me

 American Singer/Songwriter with a Unique Folk Rock - Ambient Celtic Blend


Hello Everyone!

I’m Marjorie Whitley. My website, and creations are meant to give YOU a taste of how I experience God. I’m deeply rooted in the christian faith, and every reference to God you’ll hear from me is speaking of the Holy Trinity - God the father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus. 

My hope is that, through my music, writing, and photography, you will be drawn deeper to him. My hope is that his truth and love will dispel all the darkness that may be around you. My hope is that you will find healing, joy, peace, and love in my work. These are the earmarks of our father and creator. This is who he IS. This is what he wants to give to all of us. 

If you know him, I hope you will find a deeper connection and intimacy with him. If you don’t know him, I hope that you will find what you are looking for through what he has done through me. He wants all of us to come to him with a free and willing heart, to find love, peace, and joy beyond what will ever be on this earth. 

My songwriting style came out of my love for the classic 60’s and 70’s folk/rock made popular by such artists as Joni Mitchell, Carol King, The Beatles, and too many more to count. The Ambient and Celtic influence came much later from artists like Edens Bridge, Robin Mark, Loreena Mckennick and Enya. I suppose my own Scottish Celtic roots played a small role in deepening my fascination with this music. 

All of my music is influenced by my relationship with God. From deep contemplation of life’s up’s and downs, to the pure joy and inspired prophetic life he brings! 

Check out my back catalog if you want to hear my pre Ambient and Celtic influenced works!

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