About Me

Marjorie Whitley –

American Singer/Songwriter with an Alternative Christian Folk Rock twist


I love music. I have always loved music. When I was a child I used to love singing at the top of my lungs while out on the swings in my backyard. Music was in my blood. As the years passed on the love never died. I found great enjoyment in learning to play the guitar, the flute, the ukulele and, well, I can’t say I loved going to piano lessons but they did give me a foundation of formal music understanding.

My other great passion in life is a wonderful free and open relationship with my creator God. I believe in and whole heartily embrace the trinity of God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I believe in the 5 fold ministry of releasing the saints out into the world and to the body of Christ. I believe there is one true God and Jesus is my savior and friend.

You will hear reflections of my relationship with him in the music I create. It’s full of love and encouragement. Browse around my website and have a listen and help yourself to a free download when you join my newsletter. Find out when I’m going to have a new release or may be playing live near you!

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