Marjorie Whiltey is an American Singer/Songwriter with an Alternative Christian Folk Rock twist.

The dream  was to always to be a songwriter for MARJORIE WHITLEY …

Growing up in Atlanta,Georgia, listening to Lennon/McCartney and Simon and Garfunkle, Fleetwood Mac,
and other great artists of the 60’s and 70’s, MARJORIE would spend hours at a time dissecting and learning chords to the songs. “I would listen to these amazing songs by The Beatles and other great artists and just dream about writing songs that were as good as those”.Color Headshot

A late bloomer of sorts, MARJORIE played in her first band Lava Love as a back up singer/rhythm guitar player at the age of 21. It was soon after that she made the move to Nashville TN, the music city. It was a bold move considering she was not a country singer. In spite of feeling like a fish out of water, she found a great vocal coach, tried on country but ultimately

She knew for certain that country music was not her style.

“There is a certain style that real country singers have, You can’t fake that. I knew it wasn’t me. I needed to be me”.

Stage Fright!

By this time MARJORIE had played in a few bands as a backup singer and guitar player. She longed to get up and do more but there was one little problem that kept her back. STAGE FRIGHT. It was so powerful for her that it stopped her from moving forward in her career. But she was determined to scratch that itch and get past that fear. She decided to give acting a try. She found this to be a great place to get over her fears of the stage, and came close to leaving the music behind and pursuing theatre full time. But true to form,  music kept calling her.Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 3.22.15 PM

I love all kinds of music. I don’t like to limit myself or put myself in a box. I’ve played in restaurants, cafe’s and churches. I play everything from the Beatles to Coldplay to Chris Tomlin. I write songs about being in love, being out of love, make-believe stories and true ones. I’m honest and open about my faith in my music too and I write about my relationship with God.

A Heart In Need Of Healing   

After many years of running in circles personally and musically, she discovered a broken-ness and a heart in need of healing. It became clear to her that something was wrong when she felt empty inside when she tried to sing. She describes it as chasing after a fulfillment that never comes. In her own words, “We all have an empty pit that we try to fill with approval or relationships or even substance abuse, We’ve all been battered around to some degree just living this life”. That’s when  she hit a turing point in her spiritual life. “Learning how to let God touch the ha
rd places in my heart changed everything for me. I found a vulnerability inside myself and found something to write about that was real”.  She spent many years helping church plants and lending her gifts to worship leading for many local Atlanta churchesCafe color


Now she brings that spirit with her into her live concerts and recordings. She has  played Cafe 313 in Duluth G, Cafe 45 South, weddings and churches  and has a house concert/church tour in the works. Contact her directly for booking).

 Expressions from the heart should never be confined 

Being put into a box is not where you will find MARJORIE. She writes about her faith or how her heart is effected by it. She also writes about many other things. She doesn’t  really have a specific genre that she writes in. You will find her mainly being played on Alternative Christian, Singer/Songwriter and Crossover independent radio.  Her song titles include: FLY HIGH BUTTERFLY, LET ME IN, ENDLESS SKY, HELLO HELLO, and more …  Pulling it all together is her personal vocal style that falls somewhere between coffee house Americana, and folk rock.

Little Bird live


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 ” I just downloaded Mara’s new CD from Noisetrade. OMG, it is wonderful. I could not pick a favorite song, I loved them all. I will be introducing her new music to my listeners tonight on my live show on Wild Bill Radio… “