Marjorie Whitley was born to be a creative, she born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Like many of those around her she was attracted to the entertainment industry as a means to express her creativity. She spent many years pursuing that career. While it was a fun and creatively fulfilling outlet, There was something much deeper and more fulfilling that was going to call her.

You see deep inside of her was a seed. A seed that had been planted by the Lord from a very young age. She didn’t know it or have a desire devote her artistry to God, but God knew the day, the time, and the hour he would awaken those gifts to be used for the kingdom.  

Before he was able to do that, there was a healing that needed to take place. He grabbed her by the hand, and by the heart and drew her into him. This was a world of amazing discovery! Not only was she reunited with her heavenly father, she discovered the many spiritual gifts that were so wonderful and abundant in the kingdom of God. 

She quickly let go of her old dreams to be an entertainer and embraced the love and beauty of God. A whole new world opened up for her. She began to write. She began to write songs about love. Songs that years before would have had to come from out of a world of imagination. These songs were real. These were the most honest and deeply felt songs she had ever written. 

From there she discovered the beauty of worship and how it was a major contrast to a life of entertainment. In the world of entertainment there is an audience of many, and many to try to please. In the word of worship, there is only an audience of one. A one on one connection. A relationship was built. A relationship of love .. perfect love. A love that no other human being could possibly come close to giving.