I’ve had the privilege of leading worship in some of the most unique places. I’ve been to nursing homes, inner city streets, children’s ministry, and church plants. I love all kinds of worship but my favorite by far is singing the song of the lord. I love getting released in the prophetic and letting the Holy Spirit sing his heart over his people. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to have been counseled and pastored by Jerry and Denise Basel from The Fathers Heart Ministry. From them I learned about inner healing and how to touch the Fathers heart. It impressed me so much, I went through the Elijah House School of Ministry. This opened me up to understand more about the things in our lives that block our ability to receive from God. The river of God is always flowing. If your pipes are blocked, we will never be able to drink from that fountain. 

I have spent hours and hours in personal time with the lord.I love to read my bible, and do intercession, but sitting and soaking in his presence is my favorite way to spend time with him. During this time I've enjoyed  singing, writing songs, and writing stories.

I love when he uses me to speak a word of encouragement over someone who has been struggling and needs to heard from him.

I love tapping into the river of God, and being shown the wonders of his heart and the kingdom that he wants us to bring to earth. 

I think the main reason I have been able to go on this journey with God is because of the broken relationships in my life, and I pursued a relationship with him fervently. My heart was an deep empty space longing to be filled with something perfect. I searched for it in people and in trying to build a career in the entertainment industry. I am far from perfect, and the great news is, you don’t have to be perfect for God to touch you! All that’s required is your desire and a willingness to release things from your heart. Things like forgiveness, and other bondages. Sounds difficult, but I tell you that it’s not. The rewards outweigh the fears. You will be changed, and the emptiness that you feel will be gone forever!