Breath Of Life

Somewhere deep inside of you there is a longing. Can you feel it? There is a longing to be loved. A longing that was there form the day that you were born. This longing shows itself in many different ways.IMG_0930.JPGWe long to be touched. We long to he held. We long for friendship and belonging somewhere. But the deepest longing that we have is to belong with God.

On the day that you were born you took your first breath. It was the beginning of your life here on earth. But there is a life that goes beyond this life here. Life as we know it is going to end but life really goes on forever. Life goes on for eternity. Our spirits never die.

Where do you think this life continues? Do we simply become part of the oneness of the world? Are we doomed to walk out the rest of our days over and over again on this earth? Is our destiny based on how well we live this life? Will we be punished by becoming weaker or a lesser form of life because of our wrong doing? That seems harsh.

We have a choice where we spend eternity. It’s not based on how well we perform or how good we are. It’s based on love. A love that is so strong that it covers all of or mistakes and errors. This love is so strong that it covers you and wraps you in its arms and keeps you forever.

This love would never harm you. This love only wants what’s best for you. This love does not want to destroy you. It’s easy to receive this love. You only have to open your heart and ask this love to come into your heart. This love is called Jesus. The son of God. The chosen lamb. The king of kings. You can whisper his name and he will come running to you. He will grab you and take you into his kingdom forever.

And you will take another breath of life. You will be born again. Everything about this life will look different to you. The darkness over you’re eyes will be gone and you will truly see. You will see why you were given life. You will find your purpose.

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