Carry On

Deeper and deeper and deeper. We reach deeper into the center. We are hungry for something but we don’t know what. We spend our days searching for something. It’s a hunger that gnaws at us from morning till night. We think if I just had this job or if I had this mate.Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.43.06 PM Maybe it’s having children that will satisfy me. We try everything to see how it fits. We try everything to see if it puts an end to the pain. But we don’t identify it as pain.

We call it life. We call it survival. We call it pulling ourselves together. We know how to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Until we can’t do it anymore. Then we search for something that’s beyond what we can see. We begin to search for the meaning of life. We want to know the meaning of OUR lives. Why are we here? What are we made for? Does life end and that’s the end of it? Or is there something much much more to it than that?

Is there a force that’s bigger and stronger than we are? Is love something I can carry with me every day? Is there more to his life than just getting by and working? I am here to tell you that the answer to that question is YES! There is something more and there IS something better!  Much much better!

We were not created to live empty lives. Emptiness is just something that happens because we don’t know how to fill ourselves with God. God is the only thing that will satisfy our hunger. God is what we are searching for. He put that hunger inside of us. How do I find God you may be asking? He’s right here. Closer than your skin. He’s just waiting and knocking on the door of your heart. Can you hear him? He knows you inside and out. He is your father. The hard part is over. The seeking is over. The easy part is to just open the door and let him in. The light will come on. Your true purpose will make sense. You will never be the same.

One Reply to “Carry On”

  1. God is Jesus and he wants to live inside of you and communicate with you by His spirit (we call Him Holy Spirit). Right there, inside to give comfort, direction, whatever you need when you have invited Him to come live in you. Any time of the day or night. Amen, Marjorie! I can identify.

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