Diamonds In The Rough

diamond.gifUnderneath the ground many miles deep are mines with ores and ores of rich dark coal. Black lumps as dark as midnight and a foul dank odor to assault the senses. One wouldn’t have to go far into the mines before deciding to turn back. The darkness is foreboding. The timbers creak and groan under the stress of all the weight forced upon them. If the smell and the gasses don’t get you, the deep dark emptiness will. Aside from the creaking timbers it is silent as a tomb. Only a fool would want to tread in this place alone.

There are parts of our hearts that are as barren and dark as these mines. There are shut doors there that have not been opened for decades for some of us. It’s a scary place that is holding in a lot of pain from a lifetime of hurt. There is anger, bitterness, fear, and loneliness. There are places in our hearts that even we don’t want to go much less invite someone to venture in. The thought of opening up an old forgotten wound is terrifying. Why not just leave it be? After all, time heals all wounds right?

If time healed all wounds then there would be no pain or hurting people in the world. What really happens is we hold onto that pain and learn to hide it while it festers inside of us. We learn not to trust people. We sabotage relationships because our hearts can’t manage someone healthy in our lives. We attract other people who are wounded too. Two wrongs don’t make a right. So what can be done about it? Are we stuck in this pain forever? Do we go around pretending we are ok while we suffer and drink or drug ourselves to death? Or worse .. wind up in jail or poverty because we can’t find the way out of the darkness?

Lets consider the mines again. If you had a guide with you with a torch in one hand and a map in the other, would you trust them? If you knew that they had been there before and successfully brought people through to the other side, would you go with him? If he was strong and kind and gentle and wise all at once would that make a difference in your ability to trust him? If his motive was only to love you and see you whole would you go with him?

There is a guide just waiting to walk through the mines of your heart. The guide is gentle. This guide will not shame you or bring guilt. This guide knows how to turn your dark ores into beautiful diamonds. Because inside of your heart is a diamond mine with beautiful uncut diamonds just waiting to be found. They will be diamonds in the rough but the master knows how to cut them and shape them into the most beautiful gems your eyes have ever seen.


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