Discouragement Thwarted

He was yelling at her and telling her that she could do better. Her throat and her head were twisting up in knots. Every time he stood over her it just made things worse. The worst part about it is that she knows she is not stupid. She wished that her boss could see the good that she does but whenever he’s around she just seems to trip up over herself.

It’s times like these that she feels like a little girl. That little girl who never could please her father. In her mind she knows that her father loved her but it just never really felt that way. She has compassion for him though because she knows that he was given the same treatment when he was a child. The long road of discouragement stretched far, far, far into her family history.

So there she was a victim of the generations before her. Shaking and trembling in the presence of a male authority figure. She leans her head against the cubby of her workspace and takes a deep breath. She speaks a little prayer of forgiveness for her boss for discouraging her. The pain is instantly lifted from her heart. She smiles and even laughs a little. Now her heart is filled with love for herself. She feels sorry for her boss and his deep need to be critical.

But she does understand that discouragement is easy. It’s so much easier to discourage and put down that it is to build up. She thanks God that she has his perfect love and encouragement right at her finger tips. If only all the world knew of his love.

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  1. Great story that illustrates what can happen in relationships when Papa God has not healed those portions of one’s heart. Makes you think. Thank you Holy Spirit for inspiration!

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