Early Spring

Violet. The color violet was bursting along the hillside. Young, tender green grass was sprouting in between. Just a few weeks ago ice and snow covered the hill. A wave of warm temperatures quickly melted the ice and fooled the earth into believing it was time for spring.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.22.05 PM.pngYou would never have known such beauty could come up underneath that ice but, it did. It seems nothing could stop the force of nature. No man’s will could hold it back. Nothing could stop life from coming.

Sometimes a chilly wind blows into our spirits. It’s like a blast of winter that feels like it will never end. Our minds can’t conceive that spring will come again. These times can be a long drawn out misery. A misery that begs for company. If you give in to the darkness it will surely beat you. You must remember that the cold will go away just like the weather outside. There are seasons that we must walk through in our spirits. This is how we grow. This is how we learn to appreciate the spring. A life with God is not all about the easy simple life. There are things inside of you that he wants to prune and strengthen.

Consider a young child who is just learning how to walk. Their legs are not strong enough to hold them up. Each day they take another step and then another. Soon the muscles in their legs are strong enough to walk across the room. It was not an easy thing for them to do but each day they grew and got stronger. There are muscles in our spirits that need to be worked just like the baby’s legs. The only way to work them out is to put them through an experience that will challenge them. As we build these muscles in our faith, we being to see a change on our hearts. We get stronger and being to feel the warmth of spring. The things that used to defeat us no longer have power over us.

2 Replies to “Early Spring”

  1. Really love love love this post. Spring is here. The season is changing. Did you feel the shift? Change is occurring in the atmosphere of our country and our world too.

    1. Hmmm. Interesting. It could be a prophetic thing. I’m actually letting God flow through me on these posts. He could be saying more than I understand.

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