Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey …

Swoosh. You can feel the air as it glides through the sails. The main sail is flapping furiously against the mast. It feels like a storm is coming. The sea had been calm for days. Not a sign of a disturbance. Not a stir. But suddenly it looks like a squall is on the horizon.

You look around for other signs of impending doom. You wonder why you hadn’t been more careful before you headed out to sea. You wonder why you even decided to go on this journey at all. You think that things should have been perfect for you. You think everything should have been smooth sailing.

You have a choice to make. You have to choose between turning back and deciding that you will never listen to that blasted voice telling you to trust again or, move forward even though that blasted voice allowed the storm to ruin your plans. Oh the storm is not fun you say. You say .. I thought this was going to be easy .. I trusted you not to let me go through pain or fear.

Then you realize something. You could rise above this storm. You take a closer look at the dark luminous clouds and you see that that’s really all it is … just a bunch of dark clouds. You speak to the storm and you tell it to move out of your way.

The waves settle down. The boat stops rocking. A wind from another direction comes up under your sails and shifts you back on your original course. The sun slips slowly down on the horizon. You have a sense of great pride and satisfaction because you have a victory instead of letting that storm beat you again. In a way you enjoy this new found person inside of you. You decide your going to enjoy the journey from now on. You’re going to enjoy the journey even in the storms.


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