Fly High Butterfly – The Wings To Soar

We all want to soar!

I had a longing in my heart to soar. There were a lot of things going through my mind when I wrote this song. I really did see a butterfly flying in the yard. This butterfly was special because the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and I saw his spirit on it. He was flying here and there darting around from flower to flower pollinating all the flowers,  and then suddenly flew up to the sky and was gone. He was showing me that’s how he moves. He touches people with his love and then moves on. We have him inside us we can do that same.  We can touch people and love them and let them see his perfect love for us.

I was also struggling because I was feeling very inadequate about my life and my abilities. I was thinking that I wanted to have a much more extraordinary life than I had but just resigning myself to the ordinary life that is in front of me.

We all want to soar. We all want our lives to be extraordinary but we often only see failure. We can soar when we see the beauty of each moment in the day. It’s the tiny details that shine the most.

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