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All the creativity in the world comes from God. Proverbs and the song of songs are filled with examples of love and life and the wisdom of God. Life should be celebrated and all the beauty that comes with it. I want to make the light of God brighter than the darkness in this world. 

I write stories and am an avid photographer. I see the beauty and creativity of God in everything around me. Get my free songs The Rain, and The River and as a bonus you will get my personal screen savers and my book of stories Heaven Bridge.

Relief From Stress

The world we live in today is so full of stress. We are all searching for peace. Let this music sooth and relax you, and give you relief from stress. Stress is major hindrance to hearing the voice of God. Sometimes it's hard for us to enter in to hearing him with so many distractions. This music was created to help remove that hindrance and bring stress relief. It's a tool to help you relax and begin to let him minister to you. Grief and despair are the biggest stresses on our lives today, with all the violence and confusion in our world. I wanted to give something back to the world that would help point to the only source that can ease that pain... God ...

     As I prayed about all the hurting people in the world that are effected by the violence around us, i  asked the Holy Spirit to sing through me. I wanted the world to hear his heart. I believe he answered me with a beautiful vocal track that I hope will lift and bring relief from stress caused by today's problems. With all the beautiful female vocals out there, I wanted to use my gift to shine a light on him. He is, after all, the only solution to our problems.

     Meditation is a word that has been stolen from God. But christian meditation is what we do every time we are still and wait to listen to his voice. He calls us to hear him. Let this music be a catalyst to gets you into his heart. Let his love pour out over you, and draw you closer to him. Thank you so much for listening to my music. Have a great day! .. MARA