Ice cycles were hanging from the roof outside. The ground was a solid white. Snow! We had snow during the night. A rare event in the north east part of the south. This also meant NO SCHOOL! A kids unexpected holiday from the boring grind of academia. At least that’s how I looked at it. There were three things that I liked about school. Lunch, recess, and music class. But today it was going to be all about sledding and hot

I remember how the kitchen felt. Warm and inviting with a yellow glow. Mom was there busying around. Her presence there was always such a comfort. It was safe and joyful. I was lucky that she only worked a part time job as a music teacher at the kindergarten. She always seemed to be around when we needed her. But mostly it was her presence. Just knowing she was there.

The excitement of the day was pulling at me. Begging me to go out and fly down the long hill that was our street. Up and down we went for what seemed like hours. Going up the hill was a chore but the reward getting to fly back down was exhilarating.

I think that’s what drives us on in life. We see the daunting mountain in front of us and just balk at the chore of it. Then those moments of conquering that hill and flying down the other side with ease, drives us to keep taking on those mountains. When you’re a kid you don’t think about your hands and cheeks being frozen. All you care about is going down that hill one more time. Even if it means you have to walk back to the top..

Back in the house all snuggled in front of the fire with cocoa in hand, all is right with the world.

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  1. I remember the same. Is the house the gathering with the family of believers after a hard trek up the hill all week out in the world? I wish it would snow.

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