Grace Can Take It All

13I’ve had a little battle this week with religion. It’s a nasty little spirit that likes to invade churches and tighten down with a grip of control. the sad part is that most people who are stuck in it, don’t know that they are. Perfection becomes the norm. Perfection and a need to be right instead of understanding.

As I’m spending time with the Lord about it today he showed me a vision. I saw the huge dapple gray horse.

It was the biggest horse I had ever seen. His back was just a little taller than my head. I went up to pet him and he was so strong. I could feel the strength coming off him. Jesus said this was Grace.

Its hard to describe how Grace felt. He was so strong and capable and unmoving. Jesus was sitting up on him. As I was standing there Jesus pulls me up on him. I looked all around me and it seemed that I was way up on a mountain. He said ..  How does it feel to be sitting on top of Grace? It made me cry because I could see that we were above all the anger and hatred and guile of the world. Grace was strong enough to bear everything. All the dirt and every sin of this world. Grace could take it all.


2 Replies to “Grace Can Take It All”

  1. This is a big battle for me from time to time. Because I don’t want to get into error. The way I was raised in a rather religious, judgmental environment and time. Our nation is divided with both sides judging. It is trickling down into our individual lives and relationships causing division, suspicion. The enemy wants to use religious judgmental attitudes to divide and conquer. I can just picture what you saw! Thank you for this comforting blog post, Marjorie!

    1. Awww. That’s so nice Mindy. Thanks so much for sharing that with me.I’m so glad it lifted some junk off of you. The enemy is indeed crafty and wants to steal our joy!

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