Break Me Open

Even though this music is available on itunes I'm giving it away for a short time. I want the world to know about his love and how we can have relationship with him every day! 

Begin Your Journey!


I'm Marjorie Whitley

I am excited to be releasing this CD out into the public. I've spent over 20 years practicing worship in multiple church settings and services. I've spent many hours in personal time with God singing and praising and receiving from him in church meetings and in my own personal private time with him.



I've gone through some wonderful healing times with him that have inspired these songs. Songs that are deeply intimate and personal. I want to get this music out to as many people that will enjoy and even go on the journey with me to find your own healing and relationship with God.

"Marjorie is an extremely talented singer/songwriter with a true anointing from God. Her music is a reflection of her hours spent in worship and prayer seeking God in the holy place. Her prophetic gifting encourages many to develop a deeper relationship with God and to seek Him in every season. God continues uses her music ministry to affect many people and draw them to Himself!"
-Charis Hillman Brown
Author TGIF daily devotional for young adults
Awesome! Just listened to some of your music. Beautiful voice and wise, poetic lyrics. Love the experienced tone... I enjoy young song writers and the fun, poppy songs but there's something whole and fulfilling when I hear a song by someone who's been through darkness and survival. I can just hear it! I love it. My heart resonates for sure. Maybe the scars like company! thanks for sharing. And not just with me but with the world. It's healing to us all.
Peter Bradford
Facebook Fan
“Marjorie, your music expresses my feelings. The words are so real to what is happening in so many people's lives, it also soothes a troubled mind and soul. God really blessed you when He made you with the abilities you have for words and music.” Barbara
Barbara Smith
Your music helps with making my day brighter, and it's because I know you to be honest ... I know that you have experienced the things you sing about, you're not writing songs just to be feel them .. J Hale, Colorado
Jim Hale
Graphic Designer
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