I’ve never really understood what the anointing oil is. When I think of oil, I think of olive oil for my salad, or 10w40 for my car. But there is another kind of oil that I’m starting to catch on to. I’ve been using essential oils for various cures, like oil of oregano for wiping out my […]

Look around you. Can you see life sparking and cracking all around you? Can you see the flames burning? Flames shooting higher, and higher. Life begins with a spark. A spoken word. God spoke and the world was created. And we, as his children, are given this divine gift as well. What ever you speak out, or […]

Ice cycles were hanging from the roof outside. The ground was a solid white. Snow! We had snow during the night. A rare event in the north east part of the south. This also meant NO SCHOOL! A kids unexpected holiday from the boring grind of academia. At least that’s how I looked at it. There were […]

Have you ever wondered where rainbows come from? I’m not talking about the scientific explanation. I’m not talking about the pot of gold with a dancing leprechaun at the end of it. Long before it became a symbol for sexual freedom it stood for a promise. The rainbow is God’s creation. The rainbow comes from heaven. Each […]

Deeper and deeper and deeper. We reach deeper into the center. We are hungry for something but we don’t know what. We spend our days searching for something. It’s a hunger that gnaws at us from morning till night. We think if I just had this job or if I had this mate. Maybe it’s having children […]

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