Somewhere deep inside of you there is a longing. Can you feel it? There is a longing to be loved. A longing that was there form the day that you were born. This longing shows itself in many different ways.We long to be touched. We long to he held. We long for friendship and belonging somewhere. But […]

Churning. Bubbling. Running fast. The river seems to be going somewhere at yet it’s always here. When I look at the river it looks the same, but, the water that’s going by has gone down stream and gone forever. Tears are like that too. Tears fill our eyes when we are happy and when we are sad. […]

Violet. The color violet was bursting along the hillside. Young, tender green grass was sprouting in between. Just a few weeks ago ice and snow covered the hill. A wave of warm temperatures quickly melted the ice and fooled the earth into believing it was time for spring. You would never have known such beauty could come […]

Love Song .. I remember hearing this song so many year ago when I was just a child. It still sounds just as good to me now as it did then. I love the lyrics .. Love is the opening door. Love is what we come here for .. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes […]

I’ve had a little battle this week with religion. It’s a nasty little spirit that likes to invade churches and tighten down with a grip of control. the sad part is that most people who are stuck in it, don’t know that they are. Perfection becomes the norm. Perfection and a need to be right instead of […]

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