Oil Of Heaven

I’ve never really understood what the anointing oil is. When I think of oil, I think of olive oil for my salad, or 10w40 for my car. But there is another kind of oil that I’m starting to catch on to. I’ve been using essential oils for various cures,oil-for-annointing.jpg like oil of oregano for wiping out my cold, and eucalyptus for opening the air ways.

So, last night during my church worship I was seeing the oil of heaven. I’ve seen angels pouring this oil out on the congregation. I’ve felt it in my hands too. It was a spiritual experince. No real oil residue was on my hand, but I felt it. So, last night as the presence was beginning to fill the room I felt the oil of heaven pouring over the whole body. I asked God what exactly does this mean? Why do we need oil, and what does it do?

He said it was the oil that we need from him when we are empty. It’s the same oil that he poured out over David. It has healing properties. It restores us when we are going and going. It’s what we need to do his work. It strengthens us. And like the essential oils, it has properties that heal. It has spiritual elements that get into our hearts and minds. It is not a small thing when God pours out this oil. It has significant purpose.

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  1. Fresh oil like new wine…a lubricant…a form of currency in the Bible…thinking of the 10 wise virgins who made sure to have oil for their lamps…used to anoint people and the holy temple…

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