The Peace That’s Only Within

Today, at this moment, I’m a million miles away. There is no death, no destruction. I’m surrounded as if in a bubble. A  bubble of peace and tranquility. No one, or nothing, can bother me here. In this place, I have everything I need. I have things that no human being can give. As I look around I see water and sun. I feel the warmth of that sun on my face and body. It’s warm, like a blanket. On my feet is the gentle sloshing of water and sand, while the wind whips through my hair and clothes. It’s a strong solid wind, Not too hard, not too soft, just solid and strong.

I often think that I can find what I need outside of myself. I think that when and if I achieve my goals, or have the perfect relationship, then I will be happy. But, I’m finding that happiness is really only with God at the helm of my life, and in my heart. Everything else is just a counterfeit substitute.

I never ever left my home as I experienced this moment on the beach. I went there in my secret place with the lord. I went to my special place that only he can touch, and whisper things to me that only he can know. This life is so temporary. This life has its great moments, but, it’s nothing compared to the life that’s ahead!

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