Have you ever wondered where rainbows come from? I’m not talking about the scientific explanation. I’m not talking about the pot of gold with a dancing leprechaun at the end of it. Long before it became a symbol for sexual freedom it stood for a promise. The rainbow is God’s creation. The rainbow comes from heaven. ujj4jlZRWW4NRsmN.jpgEach color of the rainbow has a special meaning. Color is not just a random thing that happened. When God created the earth he had a specific plan. Everything God does means something far beyond what we know.

Some colors stand for strength. Some are for purity. But each one is special and has purpose. If God took that much time to give colors a purpose just imagine the amazing purpose he has for you! Think of the detail he put into making you. We were made for purpose. We have the capacity to think. We have the capacity to discern. We can train our minds to see the good in something that was meant for bad. We can overcome a rough start to life.

The greatest thing of all is that we can connect with our father in heaven. He gave us a spirit to do just that. He created us for that purpose. Our purpose is to love him and be loved. Can you see it? So the next time you see a rainbow, think about how wonderfully you are made. Think about how each color has a meaning and a purpose and how much more meaningful and purposeful you are!

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