Relaxing Stress Relief Music!

My heart is struck by all the violence and terrorism in the world. I watch was innocent people are injured or killed. As loved ones left behind are left questions WHY? IF there is a God in this world, why does he allow so much evil and destruction? Some may be wondering if there is a God at all. The unpopular answer is that evil does exist in this world, and our agreement with it, is what causes it to persist. As I watch the effect that terror has on our world and it’s inhabitants, I’m at a loss to do anything about it. The only thing I have to offer is directing people to the only one who can. This song was created for people who are grieving, or, need to get away from the stress and distractions of this world. Going to God is the only¬† thing that heals my heart completely.

Before I created the song, I prayed and asked him (The Holy Spirit) to give me the words he would say to the ones he sees hurting and questioning, or the ones who just need to soak in his presence. I have already heard from many people already who have stated that it does just that for them. It gives them peace. It draws them to him, and away from the things of this world . If you would like a free MP3 of this song, click the button and it can be yours!

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