Jesus the Carpenter – Overcoming Perfectionism

Jesus The Master Carpenter- The master of Patience. If you put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect and accomplish goals that the world says you need to accomplish, then is blog is for you!

the pressure to be perfect

Patience is a difficult thing to master for us humans. We want it today, now, right this minute! The art of doing things slowly and meticulously seems to be fading away. I was feeling impatient today about different things in my life. I was putting such a high expectation on myself. Maybe you’ve done that too? Feeling like you should have something accomplished by a certain age or time frame? We put such pressure on ourselves to be perfect!

The Master Carpenter

I gave my frustrations about myself to the Lord. He simply gave me a vision of himself with a carpentry chisel, and a block of wood.He was slowly scraping away the layers, one at a time. Then he said; “You can’t create something like this in one easy stroke. This takes time and precision. You have to be mindful of each stroke and decision. You have to have a design in mind as well. If you don’t know where you are going then chiseling on this would be a waste of time. You want to create something beautiful and exquisite that will last a lifetime”.

Then He said that I was his piece of carpentry. Each day he is taking away another layer, and revealing something amazing and beautiful. We are all his piece of carpentry. 

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