The Riverbed

Churning. Bubbling. Running fast. The river seems to be going somewhere at yet it’s always here. When I look at the river it looks the same, but, the water that’s going by has gone down stream and gone forever.

7011.jpgTears are like that too. Tears fill our eyes when we are happy and when we are sad. They flow into our eyes and down our cheeks and are gone forever.

The moment that we feel something is very powerful. The pain can sting our hearts, but, unlike the the tears we cry that are and gone, the pain can stay forever. The pain can linger for a lifetime if we don’t let it heal. You may be thinking that the pain you feel is too great to ever go away. The sting will stay forever in your heart. You feel this way because the pain is always with you. It’s churning and bubbling just like the river.

Why must you hold on to the pain? Is it too great for you to forgive? Has someone hurt you so bad that you can’t let it go? The Lord says that we must forgive those who trespass against us. Even those who have hurt us so badly that it has ruined our lives. The pain that they cause changed the entire direction of our lives. Is it easy to forgive? Not at first. But once you feel the flow of heaven in your heart and that pain that is lodged in there begins to clear, it gets easier and easier.

You have a choice. Hold on to the pain and the anger and the bitterness and let it continue to rule your life, or, forgive and let the blessings of heaven wash over you. Think about it. Try it. The pain and darkness that was there before will be filled with joy. Pain and anger will not rule your life any more. The course of your life will begin to change and you will flow downstream to a new destiny.

2 Replies to “The Riverbed”

  1. So good. Pain rooted in bitterness and unforgiveness must be plucked up by the roots of choosing to forgive completely in order to be healed and be rid of the pain, the obsessive memories, etc.

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