The Sacrifice in the Web

Tiny little legs like arms work tirelessly through the night, spinning, churning, and building. Invisible strands of silk in unlimited supply, like a factory of silk workers, will not stop till the job is done. This miracle goes on every night in the life of the tiny spiders of the world. The goal is to catch their prey, their source of life, their livelihood. There are so many things about nature that seem cruel. in order for the spider to live, something else must die.

Everything in life must die to bring life. It’s as if all of nature knows it must sacrifice. To die, to yield to the life of another is sacrifice. Spider Web04

Sacrifice is at the very root of who God is. Sacrifice is at the root of what gives life. I myself want to cling to what is mine. I want to hold on to it and protect it. My own fears of not having keep me from trusting God to take care of me. I don’t want to die to my desires. I often don’t want others to go ahead of me. I don’t want to be the bug that gets caught in the web.

Of course God doesn’t want us to get caught in webs either, but, the point is, sacrificing for the life of someone else is the heart of God. And, miraculously for us, his sacrifice gave us eternal life.

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