The Tree That Falls Quietly

The Tree That Falls Quietly …

If a tree falls silently in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 7.43.33 PMIn my life I have enjoyed being a support person behind the scenes on occasion. Being a musician demands that you spend a good amount of time in the spotlight, and I’ll have to say that I do enjoy that too. I never really appreciated the  behind the scenes kind of job until I was an in the spotlight person. To me they (the behind the scenes) are like the trees that live way out in the forest … if they fall, do you hear them?


It was while I was on a recent walk in the woods that I got to thinking about this. Just because no one is around to see this “tree” falling does not mean that it did not serve a great purpose and did not make a sound. This tree probably housed many bird nests in its day and be a refuge to an ‘possum or a ‘coon a squirrel or any other climbing animal. This tree is was a living thing that gave off oxygen and absorbed the carbon dioxide that we can’t live with. When the tree died and fell to the ground it became food for all kinds of bugs and insects and at last became fertilizer for a new seed to be born into a sapling .. and the process continues.

 If you think you are a tree behind the scenes in the forest, and don’t think you have as much to offer,  just know that you are valued beyond belief and your role is just as important as anyone who is in the spotlight. The spotlight couldn’t exist or run without you!




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