Unpolished Stones

Unpolished Stones ……..

River stones are not rare. You can find them in any river or stream. But what is unique about them is their smooth texture. It’s tempting for me to want to pick one up and caress the smooth coolness of it. I don’t have this same reaction to the ordinary yard rock .. and yet, they started out the same way.  The only difference between a river stone and an ordinary rock from the yard is the years and years of water and erosion that the river stone has gone through.

It reminds me of our life with God. When we first come to him we have so many rough edges. We are like blobs of rough unpolished river stones. He loves us just as we are and holds us in his hands. In time his river of love runs over us enough that our rough edges begin to smooth out. We become smooth polished beauty.

The human eye can’t see the work that’s going on inside of a person. On the outside everything may seem blah and ordinary. God see’s the river that’s running over us every time we spend time with him. He sees the rough edges being smoothed down. He see the anger and sadness and pain disappear from out hearts. He sees the beautiful smooth stones that are being formed to make his foot path.

He sees the unpolished stone and says .. “now that will be a great smooth stone that will be used for my kingdom one day”. All we have to do is allow that process to happen. Before we know it all our rough edges will be smooth! So don’t be dismayed if things are taking a long time in your life. Just go back into that river of love and let those rough edges erode away.

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