Wired For Love

Like a spark crackling through the air, you can feel it. It’s the thing we all long for – To be loved. We were created this way. Each of us has a built in desire to love, and to love. Our father in heaven made us this way because he IS love. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with his love because we have things in our hearts that block that love from coming in. But, be assured, we are all capable of giving and receiving.

A few years ago I devoted time to removing the obstacles in my heart so I could receive love from him. The first time I experienced his love it was like the beautiful pure embrace that reminded me of when I was a small child sitting in my mothers arms. Walls of anger and pain were melting inside of me like huge chunks of snow and ice from the side of a mountain slope. So many years of holding in my hurt, holding in bitterness, trying to be my own protector.

From that moment on I was hooked. Like some kind of crazy addict. I was addicted to seeking God. Since then I have been on a journey to understanding more about who he is and how amazing and good he is.

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