Would you let me in?

Uncovering the meaning of LET ME IN …

Have you ever had a relationship that wasn’t happening?  Have you ever wanted to be with someone who wasn’t feeling it? That’s what I was feeling when I wrote this song. My heart was full of hope for the future and hopes for a blooming relationship.

If I light the fire/ Open up and let you in/Would you feel the same…If I give this love that I feel today/ Would you turn away

Then something cool happened. When I got to the chorus I could feel the Holy Spirit nudge me a bit. I could feel his heart when it comes to finding one of his lost sheep for the first time. It’s as if the person singing the song is having a conversation with him .. I’ve built walls around this heart of mine. And then He answers … If I came to knock upon your door/would you let me in.

The  Bridge was a combined effort. My words about a person and his feelings towards the lost ones.

If I came into your world/and tried to change your life/would you sacrifice/every question that you have/to give up on the fight/quit the fight

Our life with Christ is a relationship. He knocks on the door of our hearts and asks us if he can come in. It’s an exiting and wonderfully fulfilling thing to find this relationship. It’s not about rules anymore. It’s about love.




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