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10 Minutes to Perfect Peace

In just 10 minutes you can have your peace totally restored. Each one of us is equipped with the ability to connect with the source of all peace at any time……. God. Our creator, father, and friend.

What I’m going to share with you today is one of the quickest ways that I know how to access his peace. All you need is a quiet space and at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time. I say 10 minutes because it sometimes takes at least a few minutes to stop the noises spinning in your head.

Find a relaxing place where you know you will not be interrupted.

Press the play button on the video and let the sounds of the ocean draw you in.

Have you ever noticed how the sounds of the ocean on the shore sound like deep breathing? I like to imagine that it’s God’s breath inhaling and exhaling slowly and calmly over the whole world. He is so big. He is bigger than the ocean. Watching over us and making sure the world is spinning. The sun is in its place as well as the moon and the stars. Everything is under control. His control. You can let go of everything.

You can close your eyes now and let the words to the song speak over your heart and your mind. Relax and open your heart to receive from him. You are covered in his love.

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How did that work for you? Were you able to feel his presence? Or, was it difficult? If it was hard don’t give up. You can come back to this space any time. You can use this music and video or one of your own.

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Marjorie Whitley is a prophetic musician and photographer. She sees visions from heaven, and brings words of encouragement, hope, and the healing of God through her music, art, and the written word.

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