"Marjorie Whitley’s music brings life, love, and divine inspiration. Her sweet mellow groove, stellar voice and wise poetic lyrics will stoke your spirit and calm your soul."

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Meet Marjorie Whitley

Marjorie Whitley, a seasoned folk rock singer-songwriter, creates music that resonates deeply with everyday life, faith, and prophetic inspiration. Her unique blend of acoustic melodies and heartfelt lyrics offers listeners a fun, reflective, and soulful experience. Through her songs, Marjorie paints vivid pictures of life's journey, weaving in themes of love, struggle, and divine connection. Each track is a testament to her ability to transform personal experiences into universal messages, drawing her audience into a shared space of introspection and spiritual growth.

Rooted in her profound faith, Marjorie's music serves as both a personal journal and a prophetic voice. Her approach to songwriting is deeply introspective, often reflecting her own life experiences and her intimate walk with God. Her music not only entertains but also ministers, offering a source of comfort and inspiration to those seeking a deeper connection with their faith.

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Listen To What People Are Saying About Marjorie Whitley

"With every tune from "Angel Wings" it gets better and better. I love her style and feel."
William “Dew” Dewberry ~
DJCR AM1610 - San Antonio, TX.​
Awesome! Just listened to some of your music. Beautiful voice and wise, poetic lyrics. Love the experienced tone... I enjoy young song writers and the fun, poppy songs but there's something whole and fulfilling when I hear a song by someone who's been through darkness and survival. I can just hear it! I love it. My heart resonates for sure. Maybe the scars like company! thanks for sharing. And not just with me but with the world. It's healing to us all. ..
Peter B.
Bath, England
Marjorie, my wife listened to your sample music and Ordered 3 of your CD’s from your site. She loves it. Said it sounds like Joni Mitchell .. Bill Spelling .. California.
Bill Spelling
I just downloaded Mara’s new CD! OMG, it is wonderful. I could not pick s favorite song, I loved them all!!! I will be introducing her music to my listeners tonight on my live show…
Wild Bill Rowan
Wild BIll Radio Show
“Marjorie, your music expresses my feelings.  The words are so real to what is happening in so many people's lives, it also soothes a troubled mind and soul.  God really blessed you when He made you with the abilities you have for words and music.” Barbara
Atlanta, Ga.
Your voice just soothes my soul .. Elizabeth Jenson, San Diego
Elizabeth Jenkins
San Diego, Cal.
"Mara provides a wonderful track in As I am. Want some wonderful easy listening music? This one will give you all that and more, sweet mellow groove with stellar vocals and nice harmonies, nice production and tripping out vibe in this feel good relaxing song. A wonderful hook grabs and reels you in on As I am."
ICA independent radio.

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