A short story from Me (yes, It's Marjorie) 😊
Marjorie Whitley

Hello, my friend!


It looks like I've let a couple of seasons go by yet again without connecting with you. Christmas came and went, and the New Year has come and gone. Now here we are turning into spring with St. Patrick's day!


Well, I don't have a shamrock or a leprechaun in my pocket, but, if you are looking for a spiritual blast of peace from God, I have something that I think is much better than a pot of gold. 


How would you like to have an encounter with God right here where you are?


I have a sweet, relaxing short story that God inspired me with during one of my meditations with him. It's about a young woman who has a life-changing encounter with God on a foggy mysterious bridge. It's called The Bridge


The story is part of a series of short, relaxing stories that I've recorded and compiled into a download album called Catching The Spirit. 


It's free for you to read!


If you'd rather listen instead of reading, there is an audio player at the end of the story where you can stream it on your computer, or your phone. It works great as relaxation or meditation with God.


May the peace of God surround you, as you spend this time with him today ❤️. 


Talk to you soon,




The Bridge.
A Soothing Spiritual Short Story. This story The Bridgeis a short story that was inspired during a meditation that I had with God. His gentle unconditional love is oozing out…

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