Just a few minutes out of your a day!
Marjorie Whitley

Hello there, 


I hope you're having a peace-filled day 😌.


I'm just dropping in to give you a couple of more ways you can create the presence of God's peace, right in your own home. It just takes a few minutes a day!


You can read more about it in my new blog post .... 


I'd love to know how this works for you! Just reply back if you have a cool story to share ❤️.


Until next time,



Create A Haven of Peace In Your Home.
How would you like to step into the door way of your home and be greeted with the presence of God’s peace? God’s presence of peace is a tangible thing that resides in physical places where his presence is cultivated. You can cultivate that presence right in your own home! Give Thanks! Carve out a time every day to give thanks to God. This is…
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Marjorie Whitley
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