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Marjorie Whitley

Hello, .

I hope that things in your world are going well. Can you believe we are almost halfway through 2022? The official day of summer is almost here but, it's plenty hot where I am already. 

I've got some interesting news too. I'm stepping into the world of podcasting!

This podcast is dedicated to creative ways to bring the peace of God into your life. I am planning to use original music, stories, and meditations to create an atmosphere of God's peace right in your own home. 

I have the first two episodes below. The first one is a 6-minute introduction about the purpose of the podcast and, the second episode is called Tapping the Well of Goodness

 The Lord has shown me that sometimes we pile up rocks in our hearts that block the sweet things that God wants for us. This episode is the first in the Tangible Peace series and was 100% inspired by the Holy Spirit. His desire is for us to experience more of his love, no matter how experienced or new you are to tapping into his spirit. 

There is also a simple and relaxing meditation included at the end of the message. 

Just click below to listen. 

Have an awesome peaceful day!

Love, Marjorie ♥️


June 1, 2022 - Marjorie Whitley
Tapping The Well of Goodness
Episode 1. Welcome. Do you see God as good or angry? Find out as we explore the garden of your heart. Today we will be looking into the pathway of…
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June 1, 2022 - Marjorie Whitley
Tangible Peace of God – Introduction
Welcome to the introduction of my podcast Tangible Peace of God. This podcast is dedicated to revealing the beauty, wonder, and tangible peace of God and his kingdom, through creative…
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Marjorie Whitley
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