The Studio


My home is my studio. It’s my haven where I languish in the presence of God and where creativity flows freely. Writing, recording, and producing all of my music at home allows me the freedom to experiment and create without limitations. Unless, of course, I’m out in the field taking photos. In each genre, I can get lost in the moment and forget about everything else!

The art images are intricate weavings of texture to create a surreal heaven-like sense, and based on visions God has given to me. 

My stories can write like fiction but are also based on visions I’ve seen, and tell the story of the many aspects of God’s kingdom.

My music, too, is a blend of my real-life experiences and the spiritual experiences I have encountered with God. God doesn’t paint with just one brush or express himself in just one way.

The depth of his creativity is limitless!


All of my life I have enjoyed seeing life and creating things through an imaginary lens. There is something so exciting about creating something out of nothing. Just as God spoke, and the world was created, he gave us the ability to create in the same way!

For the first half of my life, I thought the entertainment industry was the perfect fit for my gifts and talents, then God opened my eyes to the reality of his kingdom. He showed me how to use my gifts to see into his world. His challenge to me is to use my gifts for his glory and not the vain pursuits of the world. 

His world is not an imaginary world. It’s more real than the world we live in today. Get to know God and spend eternity in the most beautiful place with the most beautiful person!

Mission Statement

My mission is to use music, stories, and art to restore the gap between men and God. I want to share with the world that heaven is a real place, where God’s love and kindness are boundless. He eagerly waits to embrace and welcome you, no matter who you are or where you come from. It’s time to break the stereotype that God is angry and unapproachable.

I aspire to help people unlock their hearts to witness God for themselves and to repair their broken connection with Him.

Shout Out