It's Crazy Love Y'all

Here is another vision I got from the Holy Spirit recently with a horse in the theme. I'm so glad I write these down because It's amazing how quickly I forget these details. 

I saw the Lord on this beautiful white horse. I wanted to go up and hug it. I was standing there looking at it, and admiring it, and asking if it was ok to love it. It lifted up its front hoof for me to hold it. It was so sweet. Just like a dog would do. I leaned my head on its chest as it nuzzled me. I was thinking how sweet it was, so loving and embracing. And then I realized it was so sweet because it was the Lord! 

Then I could see how wonderful and loving God is. I could see him in heaven and the love was so amazing. I always forget how loving and wonderful he is. Then I understood to a degree why he can’t be here with us. He is so pure and holy and there are just rules about our sin that keep us apart.

The Holy Spirit can be here with us. God’s grace is what keeps life going here. For us to be with him, or him to be here, he would have to put an end to all things here that are not pure.  He is keeping life here going because he wants more children. He wants as many as he can get. I could feel his love for me and all his children. Like it was crazy love.

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