New Re mix and Master of Angel Wings Coming Soon!

It's been a long journey with this music. It's been a long journey as a recording engineer and producer of my own music too. It has always been my dream to make a professional recording of my own music. Years ago when I was just starting out, I never dreamed of being able to do everything in the comfort of my own home, much less make it sound like it came from a professional studio. Times have changed indeed for all of us independent musicians - though a huge learning curve involved. 

When I first started recording Angel Wings I had come a long way on my journey of sound engineer. I had other CD's out and on itunes. I was somewhat pleased with my own handiwork, but still, I knew it could be better, but by my own hand? 

In the beginning of 2018, I made a simple prayer. I prayed for my recording and engineering to go up multiple levels. I prayed for it and then forgot about it. During the course of that year, God provided TWO amazing resources that did exactly what I prayed for ...  bumped me up multiple levels. I completely forgot that I prayed for that! And let me tell you ... I can confidently say that this release sounds industry standard. We pulled it off. Right in my own little room in my house!

And the cover is changed too ..  ... the new one.  ...old one. I think the new one is totally awesome. What do you think?

Ok. So that means that my first edition of Angel Wings will be pulled down from itunes soon and the new one will be coming up in my store sometime in March 2019! So stay tuned and get ready for some awesomeness! 

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