Sitting On Top of Grace

The Lord often shows me visions of me riding on horses. They are all different and have different purposes. I can't say that I have a favourite because they are all so beautiful and are pieces of his character. There is one that I see a lot and this is the dapple grey. The dapple grey is called Grace. I often write down the visions after I see them. Here is an excerpt from one of the visions.

It's hard to describe how Grace felt. He was so strong and capable and unmoving. Jesus was sitting on him. As I was standing there Jesus pulls me up on him. I looked all around me and it seemed that I was way up on a mountain. He said How does it feel to be sitting on top of Grace? It made me cry because I could see that we were above all the anger and hatred and guile of the world. Grace was strong enough to bear everything. All the dirt and every sin of this world. Grace could take it all.

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