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Create A Haven of Peace In Your Home.

How would you like to step into the door way of your home and be greeted with the presence of God’s peace? God’s presence of peace is a tangible thing that resides in physical places where his presence is cultivated.

You can cultivate that presence right in your own home!

Give Thanks!

Carve out a time every day to give thanks to God. This is separate from your meditation practice. In this time you want to focus on giving honor to who God is. Here is a sample list of ways you can do this. These things may seem simple but they work!

  1. Thank him for his peace in your home.
  2. Thank him for the health of your household.
  3. Thank him for the provision that he will bring.
  4. Thank him for keeping you feed.
  5. Thank him for the roof over your head.

Ok, so you get the idea. You can start with that and add to that list, if you feel God prompting you with more things to be thankful for. Just ask him to show you. He will be more than happy to show you. God loves thankfulness, because being thankful will blast negativity out of your heart, and your surroundings.

Did you know:

God HATES negativity. Negativity is not even a single part of who he is. You will not find it in him!


If you want to take things to the next level, try putting on worship music, or singing your own song of praise.

I had a really cool experience one time when I was staying with a girlfriend a few years ago. I was staying in her upstairs bedroom, and she had gone out to pick up her kids from school. I stayed behind, and decided to get out my guitar to do a little personal worship quiet time with God. If you play an instrument, or just like to sing, this is an excellent way to draw the presence of God. So …. When my friend came home, she came upstairs to where I was and said, “Wow! What have you been doing up here? I could feel the presence of God when I walked into the house”!

You see, God is a living being. He created us in his image, and he created us to desire intimacy. He created us to desire to commune with him. When you sing about how great he is, not because he has a tremendous ego,  but because he just is, it opens the doorway of heaven over you. He responds to your activity of praise. I’ve seen angels dispatched during my own personal praise times. The angels come first. They push the darkness out of the way so that God can come to be with you! I love when he pushes the darkness out of the way.

Did you know:

There is no darkness in God. There is no depression. There is no hopelessness. There is only hope in him!

Now It’s Your Turn

You can do this yourself. Open up the psalms in the bible. You can sing one out-loud or speak it out. Declare how great God is! Do this on a daily basis and you will begin to cultivate ground in your home. Like watering a garden every day, the seeds you plant will soon spring up into a garden that will bear the great fruit of peace in your life.

If you don’t want to sing, you can simply read the psalm out loud. Speak it out like you are saying it directly to God. See if it lifts your spirits!

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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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