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He Loves Our Love

He Needs Our Love Too

The atmosphere was filled with his presence. Voices raised in worship and adoration. The worship band was taking a few minutes to just soak in the love of God. The chorus continued in the phrase Hallelujah, Hallelujah .. that’s when I saw a beautiful picture of Jesus.

He was standing in the throne room smiling and smiling and smiling and taking in every bit of love that was directed at him. I could feel his heart rejoicing in the moment just soaking up the praise.

It was then that I saw it. He needs our love too! God created us because he was lonely. He created us because he wanted children to share all the love he had. I’ve been in relationships with people who couldn’t receive the love I had for them. Isn’t having someone receive our love part of the joy?

God want’s a reciprocal relationship with us. He loves to be loved just as we do. The big difference is that he is perfect in his giving and receiving. He gives and receives without conditions. That is a strange concept for most of us.

If you feel yourself shying away from God because you are afraid that he is not happy with you, remember that he IS love. He created LOVE. He wants to give and receive LOVE. It’s not always about him tossing around the imperfections in your heart.

Pssst … nobody is perfect. Perfection will never happen.

He wants to love you NOW, as you are NOW! Open the door of your heart and let him Love you 🙂

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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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