Meditation Bundle

Two albums combined for a great meditation experience!


This guided Christian meditation will lead you through entering God’s presence, and guidance through inner healing issues. It is good for those just beginning to practice and those looking for assistance entering the presence of God. Excellent for quiet time and devotionals with God.


You will be taken on a journey through an ancient civilization, a heron on the water, the glory of the sunrise after the rain + encouraging stories to guide you into your devotional or relaxation time with God. All set to soothing, relaxing music to help you wind down at the end of the day, or start your day off in the presence of God.


Relaxing Christian Meditation Bundle

Suggested Price: $35.99




Relax, meditate, and encounter the love of God with unique original short stories and soothing guided meditations from the albums Catching The Spirit and Guided Christian Meditation.

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