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Meet Marjorie Whitley

Marjorie Whitley writes soothing, healing music and stories for adults and children that can cross over into each other’s worlds. Whether it’s a powerful prophetic music album with Celtic harps, twittering birds, and a soothing lullaby, or a short bedtime story about a baby dove or a Heron soaring across the water.

Marjorie Whitley is a fully rounded artist in the fields of music and storytelling. Each song and each story is written to draw the listener into the presence, healing, and love of God. Her music and meditations are meant for enjoyment, healing, and reflection, as well as a catalyst to help the listener dive deeper into their own personal relationship with God via the Holy Spirit.

Enter into her world of joy, short stories, music, blogs, biblical insights, prophetic revelations, and deep love of the Father.
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“Fall Into The Arms of God!!”

” Fall into the cradle, into the arms of God, may your dreams be ever in His hands.”
Most of the time we are worried about life, stressed with work and many things, but we should fall into the arms of God like a child in the cradle. That part of the song – Rockabye – reminds me of ISAIAH 49:15 , God has inscribed us in the palm of His hands…. –

–  Coteh, Nairobi, Kenya  

“Serinity, Calm, and Tranquility!”

“Marjorie’s series of exquisite meditations draw me into a sense of serenity, calm, and tranquility. Her gifts of music and creativity help me to let go of the stresses of the day and find rest in God’s perfect peace.”

– Charis Brown. Atlanta, Ga.

“My Heart Resonates For Sure!”

Awesome! Just listened to some of your music. Beautiful voice and wise, poetic lyrics. Love the experienced tone… I enjoy young songwriters and the fun, poppy songs but there’s something whole and fulfilling when I hear a song by someone who’s been through darkness and survival. I can just hear it! I love it. My heart resonates for sure. Maybe the scars like company! thanks for sharing. And not just with me but with the world. It’s healing to us all. ..

P. Bradford. Bath, England

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