Spiritual Healing

Get Closer To God, Hear Him Better, And Know His Plans For Your Life!”

God created you specifically for a relationship with him. It’s all about love!

Many times it’s the emotional and spiritual blockages that keep you from being able to experience and receive his love. If you feel disconnected from God, or can’t experience His love, you may need spiritual healing.

I’m Marjorie Whitley. I’ve spent nearly 30 years developing an intimate relationship with God. He gently broke through the barriers I had built up and allowed me to feel his love, hear his voice, and open my eyes to his kingdom.

God has used my gifts of the prophetic to help hundreds of people to hear and receive healing and direction from him. Now it’s time for you to see, hear, and experience God too!

As I stepped out to find him, he met me with arms open wide! It is my hearts desire to help people like YOU to see and hear from God for yourself … AND to get breakthroughs from spiritual blockages that hinder your relationship with him.  

My meditations are a combination of soothing music, relaxation, scripture, Holy Spirit activated words, visions, and practical applications to help you hear from God and to get your breakthrough to his love.

But I won’t stop there! Each week I will send you articles, music, words of encouragement from God, and meditations from the Spiritual Groove podcast.
Begin your journey today!

My Spiritual Groove

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“Encouraging breath of fresh air!”

“Marjorie’s series of exquisite prophetic meditations draw me into a sense of serenity, calm, and tranquility. Her gifts of music and creativity help me to let go of the stresses of the day and find rest in God’s perfect peace, which helps to open up my ears and my heart to receive from God.”

Her podcast is an encouraging breath of fresh air in a world that can be all too fear-filled and stressful. She shares insights from God that are both anointed and powerful. This podcast will help you get closer to God, hear Him better, and know His plans for your life!
Charis Brown
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