• The Bridge

    A  young woman was standing on the edge of a canyon. She looks across to the other side and she sees a beautiful city. A city filled with hope and love. Everything about this city sparkles and shines. With everything in her, she wants to get to that city. When she looks down she sees a huge chasm. It’s dark. It’s cold. It feels lifeless. One uncertain slip of her feet and she would be sent careening down into this empty pit in front of her.  A dense fog has filled the canyon now. Her view of the city has become engulfed in the fog, and the fog surrounds her.…

  • Alabaster Jar

    It’s the end of a long day, or perhaps you are waking from a dream. You find yourself sitting in your favorite chair. You stretch your feet out on the ottoman in front of you. Lazily you begin to drift off into a dream.   And then you’re walking out of a fog into the edge of an abandoned ancient village. There are remnants of the life that once was all around you.  Like ghosts of the past. Feelings, and impressions of people laughing and busily walking down the street, fill your senses. You wonder what life was like for the people who once lived in this small village. The…


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