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It’s a beautiful lilting journey of hope and love from the father!”. Heather Clark 

About Angel Wings

This Angel Wings’ Album gracefully captures the essence of God’s love, enveloping us in the comforting embrace of our identity as his children. Marjorie Whitley’s ethereal vocals, like a gentle breeze, intertwine with a mesmerizing Celtic inspired soundscape. The haunting melodies of harps, guitars, flutes, and mandolins create a symphony of celestial beauty. As you listen, you can almost smell the fragrant aroma of heaven’s blossoms, transporting you to a place of serenity. Each word, carefully chosen by God, resonates deeply within, captivating your senses and immersing you in the splendor of his kingdom.

“While I was having my personal quiet time with God, I had a vision of Jesus playing the flute and singing the lyrics to the song “Come To Me,” which is featured on this album. That moment marked the inception of this album. God’s prophetic voice is woven into each song. God has a profound message in this album for us all, that he is in love with us as a people and as individuals.”

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