My Mission

My passion is to reveal the kingdom of heaven to a world that does not know God personally, in a fun and inspiring way that is built on a relationship with him rather than religion. My goal is to help those who want to know God in an intimate way, to learn how to connect with him. I use music, creative writing, and photography.

My Values

  • Spirituality – Having a deep and personal and intimate relationship with God and showing others the way to the kingdom.
  •  Encouragement – Bringing a light and leading others to the solution maker. 
  • Joy – Joy is the greatest medicine. It lifts our spirits and washes depression away and gives us hope. 


Combining her roots based eclectic acoustic guitar with sweet peaceful vocals, Atlanta native Marjorie Whitley takes you on a journey to the tasty bits of heaven. 

Marjorie has faithfully engaged in church worship for well over 25 years. She has contributed her talents by writing and performing worship songs for Sunday worship, children’s church, and outreach ministries. Her songs offer a unique blend that leads you to discover the healing power and love of God. All of her original music reflects her personal journey to the love of God. Her passion is to bring God’s hope, joy, and healing to every concert, allowing God to touch each person’s heart and soul in a personal and unique way. 

Types of Venues


The focus of my church concerts is to dive deeper into the intimacy of God and worship. Many of my original songs touch on the emotional and physical healing we can receive from God, as well as the joy we can have with him in our daily lives. 

I strive to create a participatory atmosphere at concerts to help people connect with the heart of God. I hope that everyone who attends the concert will leave feeling brighter, more connected to God, and healed.

When I perform at churches, I combine my acoustic guitar and vocals with a few added tracks.

In addition, I operate in the prophetic and I like to create space for God to speak when the opportunity presents itself.

Nursing Homes

I find joy in spreading hope and encouragement from the Lord to senior centers and nursing homes.

The residents can look forward to a special performance featuring a blend of classic hymns, jazz standards, and 60s and 70s classics, all performed with my vocals and acoustic guitar.

House Conserts

House concerts provide a fun way to explore the intimate connection with God among friends and loved ones. This is an informal setting where the homeowner or host welcomes friends and family into their home, providing food, fun, and more.

This environment is perfect for my healing and prophetic gifts to flow. Your concert can be personalized to cater to your participants’ needs.

If you are interested in having me come out to your home for a concert, you can contact me directly.


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