My Mission

My passion is to reveal the kingdom of heaven to a world that does not know God personally, in a fun and inspiring way that is built on a relationship with him rather than religion. My goal is to help those who want to know God in an intimate way, to learn how to connect with him. I use music, creative writing, and photography.

My Values

  • Spirituality – Having a deep and personal and intimate relationship with God and showing others the way to the kingdom.
  •  Encouragement – Bringing a light and leading others to the solution maker. 
  • Joy – Joy is the greatest medicine. It lifts our spirits and washes depression away and gives us hope. 


Combining her roots based eclectic acoustic guitar with sweet peaceful vocals, Atlanta native Marjorie Whitley takes you on a journey to the tasty bits of heaven. The journey begins with the day the door of her heart was opened to the kingdom of heaven. From there she takes you with her as she uncovers the portal for you to enter your own journey.

It’s a journey of forgiveness. A journey of discovering what forgiveness can do for your soul. It’s a journey from the world of entertainment and trying to fill a void to complete fulfillment in God. 

She began her journey with music playing in various bands around the Atlanta area. Seeking a professional life in music, she moved to Nashville, Tn. where she discovered that country music was not the right fit for her. She also had a passion for theatre and seriously planned to move to New York to pursue acting. It was during this time that the Holy Spirit began to change her heart and the direction of her life.

Here is where the healing journey began. God was calling her back to the church. Having grown up in the church, her core values of God and Jesus were still there. But this time God had a much bigger plan in mind for her. Instead of pursuing entertainment – which would have been fun and exciting – he opened up her eyes to the world of worship leading. This she discovered was more exciting and fulfilling than any performance she had ever experienced – or any applause.

She discovered the perfect audience. The audience of ONE. Singing praises to God turned out to be the greatest joy she could ever imagine! She thought this too was going to be her destiny … once again God shifted her life. The Lord showed her that while leading worship in the local church was a wonderful thing, there was a whole wide world out there that was hungry for him. A world that may never have the opportunity to know him deeply – unless someone was willing to share who he is to them. 

So now she lends her talents to her church, to senior centers, coffee shops, and multiple online outlets such as facebook live, IGTV, personal Skype sessions, and storytelling her own fun and encouraging children’s stories to orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya .. via the internet ..

Her live performances involve  an intimate acoustic guitar and vocal. Some of her songs involve special tracks from her original music that are filled with soothing peaceful sounds of nature and Celtic harps! Every performance is sure to be filled with the presence of God – a joy for everyone ..

"Marjorie is an extremely talented singer/songwriter with a true anointing from God. Her music is a reflection of her hours spent in worship and prayer seeking God in the holy place. Her prophetic gifting encourages many to develop a deeper relationship with God and to seek Him in every season. God continues uses her music ministry to affect many people and draw them to Himself!" -Charis Hillman Brown, author TGIF daily devotional for young adults
Charis Brown
“Marjorie, your music expresses my feelings.  The words are so real to what is happening in so many people's lives, it also soothes a troubled mind and soul.  God really blessed you when He made you with the abilities you have for words and music.” Barbara
Receptionist (Retired) - Harmony Grove UMC

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