The Interview

This is the heartwarming Christmas play, “The Interview,” written by Alan Kachur and brought to life by the talented trio of Marjorie Whitley, Alan Kachur, and Clancy McCray. In this unique interview, a young upcoming journalist gets the chance to interview a famous celebrity, but things don’t go as planned. As the interview progresses, the uncertainty of who was really conducting it becomes more apparent. Marjorie Whitley’s original song “Fragile” is also featured in this play and resonates deeply, its soul-stirring lyrics and melodies capturing the profound presence of God.

Hearing From God

Ever want to learn to hear the voice of God?

This is a beginner’s guide to learning how to hear the voice of God.

In this interview with Charis Brown, we discuss how I got started hearing the voice of God, and how YOU can learn too.

God desires you hear his voice! He wants you to know his love!

In the last half of the interview, around the 40:00 mark, we go through a meditation with the Lord and he gives me a word of knowledge about a listener who was struggling with issues concerning anxiety and depression.

We see firsthand how the prophetic works in a word of knowledge and for healing. We went off the interview after a few minutes and ministered to her via Google Meet. The Holy Spirit did a powerful healing in her.

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