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What Really Happens When You Praise God?

I felt a flutter like tiny invisible butterfly wings flitting all around me. It’s a sensation I get when I feel the Holy Spirit wants to get my attention. Then, as I pressed into what he wanted, I saw angels standing around me, flapping their wings. The Lord told me that what I was feeling, and had felt through the years, was the flutter of wings in the spirit realm.

I asked the Lord if I could see them and when he opened my spiritual eyes, I saw a multitude of angels all around me. Layers and layers of them starting from in front of me to the back, where they appeared smaller and smaller in the very far distance. All of them fluttering their wings and creating the wind that I was feeling in my spirit.

It astonished me that there were so many of them. I couldn’t imagine what was so important that I needed the help of so many of these beings. So, I asked the Lord why so many?

He told me they were just waiting to be deployed. They will not move until you dispatch them. 

Then I saw one of them that looked like a female standing by with a violin. Her neck supported the weight of the violin, while her right hand gripped the bow, ready to bring the instrument to life. With a single movement of her right hand, she plucked a chord on the violin, the sound filling the air. The ground shook beneath her feet as a huge horde of demonic angels, that had been hidden, lurched back. Although hidden, they were there all the time. The sound of the angel’s chord was so intense that it caused those demons around her to recoil in agony.


The noise was like a physical assault, leaving them powerless and unable to fight. 


We Need To Praise Him Too

Remember what happened with Paul and Silas in Acts 16 ..  ?

25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose. 

When we put on praise and worship music or just praise him aloud. Demonic angels lose their power. God’s angels get dispatched. Miracles happen! 

When demonic forces lose their power, physical and emotional healings happen. Situations that seem impossible are suddenly removed. 

Even if you’re not a good singer, sing his praises with a song. He will help you overcome the obstacles that are hindering your way. He will dispatch his angelic army to fight against these demonic creatures.

What miracles do you need in your life from God?


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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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