Run To You
Strawberry Wine
Fading Away
Let Me In
Could You Love Me
Better Off

Let Me In


With Let Me In, Marjorie Whitley confidently introduced herself to the world through her powerful 2006 debut album, immersing listeners in a mesmerizing tapestry of introspective storytelling and captivating musical arrangements. The music resonates with an exuberant, folksy vibe that is reminiscent ¬†of the soulful melodies of Alanis Morrisette and with the infectious energy of Sheryl Crow. Amidst the sultry and soul-stirring tracks that grace the album, the title song Let Me In emerges as radiant. As Marjorie lays bare her thoughts and pours her heart out to God, this reflective album transforms into a vivid canvas, allowing her to intricately capture and explore the intricate complexities of this season of her life. The melodies soar and dance, painting a vivid tapestry of emotions that touch the senses. The vibrant strumming of the guitar harmonizes with Marjorie’s rich, velvety vocals, creating a symphony that caresses the ears. Each lyric resonates deeply, as if weaving a spell, transporting the listener to a realm where emotions are raw and palpable. The album carries a distinct aroma of authenticity and vulnerability, like a fragrant bouquet of wildflowers on a warm summer’s day. With Let Me In, Marjorie Whitley invites us to step into her world, to witness the beauty and complexity that lies within her soul.


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