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5 Ways to Find Your PURPOSE in God

God created you with a sense of purpose. We all need to feel valued and important. The greatest thing about God is that his love for you is not based on anything that you do. The purpose for all of life is to love him and to be loved by him. But, he also gave you special skills and gifts. He gave you a desire to achieve greatness. These skills and abilities are meant to be shared with the world to either create a solution to a problem or to bless humanity. Here are 5 ways that you can begin to tap into that greatness!

1. Read The Bible

The bible is the most powerful book ever written. It’s the inspired word of God, not to mention the prophecies from all of the prophets in it. I did a read-through of it when I was about 21 years old. I started in Genesis and went through to Revelations. This book completely changed my life. It proved to me that Jesus is the son of God. It proved that God tells us not to worship the sun, moon, and the stars. It highlighted certain people in it that inspired me to be better than I was.

The story of Joseph, for example, so impressed me that I prayed for God to make me like him (Joseph). That was a dangerous prayer. It set me on a course to see my family of origin differently. There were wounds in my heart that only God knew about. Things that were causing me to make decisions based on that pain. Instead of living my life to try to please family members, God turned me around to find HIS purpose for me, not the purpose my family thought was right.

It takes courage to read God’s word and apply it to your life. But, when you do, it will fill you with such a sense of destiny. If you have never read the bible from beginning to end, I urge you to give it a try. Invite God to point you in the right direction. It will truly change your life!

2. Clean Up Your Past

If you’re hanging on to grudges pain from hurt that people and loved ones have done to you, it will derail you from your destiny. Imagine that you keep trying to climb over a wall. Your purpose and future are on the other side of this wall. Every time you grab a hold of the rope to climb, a heavyweight gets put on your back. Each step you try to go up, the weight gets heavier. The weight is the grudges, the unforgiveness from your life of being hurt and disappointed by those you loved and trusted.

You may feel that you have a right to that grudge. You may feel that they do not deserve to be released from what they did to you. You may think they should be held accountable. Maybe you don’t think keeping these grudges matters. You may think that you can go through life hanging on to it. Like a man with a limp who refuses to go to a Dr. to heal his leg. This limp could easily be fixed with proper care, but he would rather walk with a limp and keep his pain out of the principle of the matter.

This man could be a runner. He could be a runner that wins medals. He could be someone who needs to be on their feet all day to help others, but the pain in his foot is too great to stand on for long.

So, you get the point. You carry pain in your heart from the past. I don’t care who you are. If you don’t deal with this, it will change the course of your life. God may want you to be a healer of some kind, but the pain in your heart keeps you from realizing that. Maybe you have dreams and goals that you just can’t reach because you hear a voice from the past telling you that you are not good enough.

Release your pain to God. Forgive those who have hurt you. They are not getting a free pass. You are simply releasing them to God. Why let that pain and anger rule you? God sees all. He will deal with the one that hurt you. It’s way too big of a burden for you to try to control.

3. Meditate

Practice turning off all distractions. Give yourself the gift of stillness. After you read a passage from the bible, take a few minutes to meditate on its meaning. Devotionals are wonderful things to help you learn things you may not have considered, but don’t forget that God has a special message just for YOU! He has a depth of meaning for a bible passage that the devotional writer doesn’t have. He knows your heart inside and out. The good and the ugly. He knows your potential in ways that nobody on this earth knows.

Treat yourself to 5 even 10 minutes a day to let God speak over you. This is your time to be still and listen. No distractions. Turn off the TV, silence your phone, whatever is calling your attention.

You can even say to God .. show me my destiny and purpose. The answer may come in time. He will begin to show you as he sees fit, and as you are ready to take the next steps he has for you.

4. Worship

God desires your worship. He wants to be the key figure in your life. He wants you to put aside time to enjoy how wonderful he is. Worship is a 2-way experience. When you worship and love him, the love comes back to you in greater measure! When you worship you are aligning with heaven. You are calling heaven to earth and inviting angels of God to minister to you. You will discover that your life here on earth is not your final destination. There is life after this one. Things that plague you in this life will seem unimportant.

Worshipping God will fill you completely. It’s like eating junk food all day and then eating a sweet piece of fruit. Junk food makes you feel sick and has no nutritional value. The fruit is sweet, juicy, and filling. It brings health to your body. You can think clearly. You make better decisions.

Your purpose in God lies in turning away from the junk food that calls your heart … Sporting events, TV shows, people we admire, anything that pulls you away from putting God first. Sports and TV are not bad, but they need to be put way down the list after God.

Practice worshipping him daily. He will guide you to who you really are. Your purpose awaits!

5. Pray

Prayer is not only effective, it’s super powerful! Meditation and prayer are in the same family but not quite the same thing. I get really excited about prayer because I’ve seen how powerfully it works. Prayer takes you away from negativity and helplessness to action. When you submit your desires and requests to God he can answer you in a multitude of ways. A sudden inspiration could hit you. The solution to a problem becomes clear. Sometimes you hear his voice guiding you.

Meditation is a time to be still and let God speak over you. It’s your time with him to let him say what is on his heart for you. Prayer is your time to petition him. It’s also a time when he calls you to pray something that he wants to be done on the earth. His angels are stationed all around you just waiting to be dispatched by YOU! Angels are activated when YOU tell them to go.

Do you need a solution to a problem? Do you need direction for the next step in your business or for your family? Do you want to know what God has purposed for you in this life?


Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

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