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Angel Wings

Angel Wings began quite unexpectedly and totally by surprise. My pastor challenged me to spend time with God everyday and to keep a journal of everything that he spoke to me. Every word. Every picture. Every dream.

About a year had passed when I had gotten into this habit, when I got my first encounter with Jesus singing to me! I had heard his voice and seen visions many times before, but this time, he was singing. Not only singing but playing the flute!

I didn’t even know that he did that. So funny, like I didn’t realize that the creator of music didn’t know how to play a flute, much less every single instrument on the planet! 

The name of the first song that he gave me is called Come To Me. There are 6 in all. Each one came to me all on God’s timing and his will. You can read all about it below and hear some of the songs too!

The birth of the album Angel Wings .. A prophetic journey ….

Come To Me.

The presence of the Lord was strong on the day I wrote the song Come to Me. It started out as my usual meditation with Him. I often see visions and hear him speak, but on this day he did something that I had never experienced before. I saw him (Jesus) standing in front of me and he was playing a flute! This was especially fun for me because I also play the flute.

He was playing a melody on it, and then he began to sing. I had never heard him sing before. I never even imagined that he would even do that. But, before I had time to really ponder about that, I began to hear words that went to the melody he was singing. I immediately started to write these words down. The melody was way too complex for me to duplicate. But, during this album process, I learned that He was giving me the song(s) in part as he reveals most prophetic things to us. We became co-writers of this album. I will give him full credit for all of the lyrics for the song COME TO ME. That was the first one he gave me and these are his words as I heard them …

Come to Me

Come to me all weary, Come to who thirst

Come to me, come to me, come receive new birth

Come to me who labor, Come and get your rest

Come to me, come to me, I’ve conquered death

Behold the beauty, Behold the throne

Feast your eyes, Feast your eyes, Feast your eyes

Behold the glory, Behold the crown

All is forgiven, Even now, Even now 

Come, Come, Come, Come

Come to me all broken, Come to me who mourn

Come to me, come to me, come and grieve no more

Come to me, my children, Come to me my  lambs

Come to me, come to me, into the promised land

In The Meadow

This song also came out of my meditation time. This was on a different day. This came out of a beautiful vision I was having about children. I saw Jesus standing by a stream in what I believe was heaven. There was a group of children standing around him between the ages of 5 to 12 I would say. I have worked with children my entire life since being a teenager. I have a really soft spot for kids. So for me, this was especially tender.

These children were playing a game with him that looked much like the game London Bridge that we have all played as children. They were laughing and singing. This is was they were signing ..

Be of good  cheer

Be of good cheer

the kingdom of heaven is near

Be of good cheer

Be of good cheer

The kingdom of Heaven  is here

Children have such pure hearts when it comes to God. I’ve worked in children’s church and seen firsthand how open they are to the truth of who God is. They have no reason to argue about it. The funny thing about this song is that that the lyrics that Jesus gave me were so different from my own style, I thought I could change them around to make them fit my style. I thought maybe he wanted me to write my own version. Well, I wrote a version of it .. and it was terrible lol! I did write the chorus. That much I managed to get right. I was just so used to writing more pop-like. I just wasn’t sure how people would respond to this sort of old-fashioned folk song. In the end, I’m going to let God speak … What do you think?

The Meadow

Peace In The Valley

Peace in the Valley was another one that the lyrics were all Jesus. This one had me baffled. I heard the lyrics coming in just like the others, during my meditation, but I just couldn’t figure out where this song was going. I didn’t get it. When he got to the bridge of the song where he talks about “peace for the nations .. a healing oil” I was baffled. This was well before 2020 and the whole craziness that came upon the whole world. I couldn’t understand then that the whole world would need to be healed. Here are the chorus lyrics …

Peace in the valley

Peace in my soul

Love for the nations, a healing oil

Love for each other

Stretching out across the  land

He carries the whole world in his hands

God loves the whole world. He wants us to be united. Not divided like we have been. Love is the healing oil. His love is the healing that the world needs. The love inside of us … the ones that know and love him and carry the oil inside. of us.


I said earlier that Come To Me was the first prophetic song that God gave me. It’s true. But Rockabye was a song written years earlier, the first half anyway. I had this idea to write a lullaby album that was modern. I was working in a daycare and the music we used for the kids during nap time was really terrible in my opinion. I wanted to write something that kids and adults could benefit from. Rockabye was the result. I suppose this was my first step into the more Celtic realm as the Angel Wings album became. The only change made to this song was years later I asked the Lord to give me a couple of verses that were his, to make it fit the prophetic vibe of this album … he graciously delivered. The last 2 verses of the song are all from him ..

Quiet now my angel 

Slowly drift to sleep 

The fields of gold are waiting

Close your eyes and have your dreams 

Verse 4

Fall into the cradle

Into the arms of God 

And far away from any danger

Safely in the arms of love 

To me, this works for children as well as adults. God watches over us like a babe in his arms. We are his children. This is his heart to all of us. See the video and read more about it Here …

The River

The River is a song that was a collaboration between me and the Lord. The river is a place that I love to go to in my visions. It’s in this place where I have some of the sweetest conversations with him. It’s one. of our special places. Is it a real place? I like to think that these visions I see are real places in heaven. If they are, we are in for an amazing eternity. The beauty is breathtaking. The whole of creation there is alive. You can feel love and joy in the air. Laughter is just literally hanging in the air .. from what I’ve seen. The first verse of this song I wrote. The river being a metaphor for the river of God that flows continually. The love is available to us 24/7. His love and his wisdom. In the second verse, the Lord gave me a vision of a bride. I was stuck for where to go next in the song.

Like a bride waiting for her true love’s kiss

Dressed in white she knows that she is his

A kiss of love that goes deep into her soul

Oh river flow 

This was another one that kind of went over my head. I got the part about us being his bride, but I didn’t understand that in order to become his bride you first have to become a son or a daughter. Yes, we are all his children and when you come to accept him as your Lord and Savior you become grafted into the kingdom of heaven .. but there is more! You can stay in that place and only know Jesus as Lord .. or, you can go deeper and move from being a servant to a friend, and a prince or princess, becoming an ambassador of his love and kingdom. You want to tell the world all about how wonderful he is. It’s hard to describe. It just stops being about performing and becomes about stepping into representing God’s heart. Ok … I could go on for days and days about this.

Angel Wings

Last but not least is the title song Angel Wings. This is another song that I wrote many years ago. Actually, before I wrote Rockabye. This song is actually a true story. I used to have terrible fears at night. The enemy of God, Satan, used to drag me into fear. When you step deeper into the spirit realm it attracts the attention of the enemy. At this point, you become a threat to him and his plans. You now carry the Holy Spirit in you and do alot of damage to his kingdom. His desire is to cause destruction. Not only does he want to prevent you from having eternal life with God, but he also wants to take over the whole world and make it void of anything to do with God. Think about all the destruction and chaos we have seen in these last few years. This was his handy work ..

So, it took some time for me to understand the power of God to be greater than Satan. God and Satan are not equals. God is more powerful. God created Satan. Satan is a fallen angel that God created. If we let Satan and his minions trick us into believing that they are equals, they can control our emotions and how we think. It was during such a time for me in those early years, God was trying to teach me this. I would pray psalm 91 .. about being under the shelter of the most high .. and I had a vision before going to bed about this angel standing over me and keeping watch. They will do that. If you call on them. God will send them to you. One angel has as much power as a whole army of demons. The Lord showed me this too … be encouraged!

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Angel Wings
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Looking for some soothing and relaxing music that is filled with the peaceful sounds of nature, Celtic harps, flutes, guitars, mandolin, and sweet vocals to help you relax and enter into the sweet presence of God? Angel Wings composer Marjorie Whitley carves the path for you in her first venture into Celtic-infused relaxing music. Drawing from her songwriting foundation of adult contemporary music and building on chill and worship genres, Marjorie Whitley creates a sweet place to step away from the stress and anxiety of this world. Many, many hours spent in stillness with God is the backbone of this album.



Looking for some soothing and relaxing music that is filled with the peaceful sounds of nature? Celtic harps, flutes, guitars, mandolin, and sweet vocals help you relax and enter into the sweet presence of God!


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Marjorie Whitley is a prophetic musician and photographer. She sees visions from heaven, and brings words of encouragement, hope, and the healing of God through her music, art, and the written word.

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